/XMR/ General IRC Chat Instructions


Step 1: Install and run TOR

Debian sudo apt install tor && sudo systemctl enable --now tor
Arch sudo pacman -S tor && sudo systemctl enable --now tor
Artix openrc sudo pacman -S tor-openrc && sudo rc-update add tor default && sudo rc-update tor start

Step 2: Configure hexchat

  1. Install and run hexchat
  2. Ctrl+S to open the Network List
  3. Click Add and name it whatever you want
  4. Click Edit and paste the onion address in place of the newserver/6697 default
  5. Check Connect to this network automatically
  6. In the Autojoin channels tab, paste #XMRGeneral
  7. Close
TOR Settings
  1. Open Settings > Preferences > Network Setup
  2. Under Proxy Server set:
  3. Hostname:
  4. Port: 9050
  5. Type: SOCKS5
  6. Close

Step 3: Connect!

Ctrl+S to go back to your Network List and click Connect with it highligted